Nothing is More Important to Your Health than the Quality of the Air you Breathe!

Rely on American Duct Pros to ensure that everyone in your home or business is protected from airborne pollutants, spores, allergens and dust… while you also enjoy substantial savings on your energy bills!

We’re a nationally recognized industry leader that prides itself on providing exceptional, responsive customer service to go along with our expert, guaranteed installation/repair work and top-quality products.


7 Solid Reasons To Choose Us:

  1. American Duct Pros is part of an industry leader that has been serving communities like yours for years.
  2. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. No need to entrust this important work to any less-than-reputable outfit that believes in cutting corners.
  3. Our service technicians are experienced, skilled professionals, which is why we can guarantee their work. And we’ll always be here to make good on our promises!
  4. Whether you need new products to be installed or utilized for repair work, you can be certain that they will deliver exceptional working operation.
  5. Our national purchasing power enables us to pass the savings on to you. Our lower prices translate into higher overall value!
  6. We’ll ensure that your air ducts and vents are in top working order, so you can save accordingly on your utility bills.
  7. Our focus is on your satisfaction. Our growth as a company depends on strong word-of-mouth, so we will do all in our power to make you one happy customer!


Air-Duct Installation: Cutting your energy bills

Two car wooden garage

As your current air ducts grow less and less efficient, your utility bills grow more and more costly. Installing a brand new, state-of-the-art air-duct system can make a world of difference, especially in the long run. More info…

Air-Duct Cleaning: Maximizing your air quality

Spring Repair

As the air quality in your home or business gets gradually worse, you may not be aware just how much better–and healthier–the air you breathe could be. One thorough cleaning of your air ducts and you’ll notice a major difference with your first breath. More info…

Air-Duct Repair: A simple repair can save you hundreds

Garage Door Repair

At American Duct Pros, we will never recommend that you go as far as replacing your air-duct system if a routine repair will do the job. Our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose the underlying cause of any problem you may have and know how to fix it safely and quickly. More info…

Dryer-Vent Maintenance: Preventing dryer-lint fires

Garage Door Opener

Each year, thousands of clothes dryers catch fire due to clogged lint traps and vents, often resulting in injury or even death. We offer a low-cost, regular maintenance program designed to prevent these fires, whether it’s in your residence or place of business. More info…


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